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Athan Iqamah
Fayetteville Parkwood
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Friday Prayer Schedule


1st Shift 12:10 PM: Imam Hicham Jabal
(Topic: The ongoing Deeds, Good and Bad)

2nd Shift 1:10 PM: Mohammed Khalil
(Topic: Surat Hajj)

3rd Shift 2:10 PM: Imam Hicham Jabal
(Topic: The ongoing Deeds, Good and Bad)

Fayetteville St.

1:00 PM: Imam Abdenasser Zouhri

2:00 PM: Imam Abdenasser Zouhri

Fayetteville St. Masjid Construction Update

Considering the financial situation, and evaluating the present and future needs of the community, the Project Committee has recently recommended the JIAR board to work on the “Renovation option. Accordingly, we are currently reaching out to Architects and Contractors for the Design and Construction services for the renovation of the masjid.

Details on Replacing the Construction Project

Update on Renovation Progress

Some of JIAR Services


Five Daily Prayers and Four Jumu'ah Prayer Shifts at Parkwood and Fayetteville Locations

Imam Classes

Offered by JIAR Imams and updated regularly. Check out our education tab on the top for most recent info

Food Pantry

JIAR Food Pantry at Fayetteville St Masjid supports needy members in our community


Dedicated to educate our local community about Islam through educational events and service

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