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The sacrifice which is done for the newborn is called ‘aqeeqah.

The scholars of the Standing Committee said:

‘Aqeeqah is Sunnah mu’akkadah. For a boy two sheep should be sacrificed, each of which should meet the same conditions as a sheep for udhiya (sacrifice), and for a girl one sheep should be sacrificed. The sheep(s) should be slaughtered on the seventh day, but if there is a delay it may be slaughtered at any time, and there is no sin in delaying it, although it is preferable to do it as soon as possible. And Allaah is the Source of strength; may Allaah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.


Please provide us with 2 – 3 days notice. Although we cannot help with the slaughtering, you are welcome to serve meat from the slaughter at either the Masjid on Fayetteville street or our Parkwood facility. Please contact the Masjid Administrator and let us know when you would like to have your Aqeeqah. Please check the calendar of the events prior to scheduling your aqeeqah.

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