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Friday Prayer Attendance Consent

By submitting the registration form, you acknowledge:

  • That you are attending at your own risk and that you are not in one of the high risk groups? (e.g.: recently traveled, elderly, suppressed immunity issues, respiratory health complications…etc) , if you are at risk please pray at home.
  • You are not immune-compromised, and have not tested positive for Coronavirus or has been in contact with any sick people for the past 14 days, nor under self-quarantine.
  • You are required not to come if you have a poor health condition which includes flu-like symptoms (sore throat, cough, fever, running nose). If you attend while having these symptoms the organizers will have to turn you away.
  • You are required to do Wudhu’ at home, bring your OWN PRAYER MAT and as well as any self-protection measures you feel comfortable with like, hand sanitizer, wipes, face mask, gloves, etc. We highly recommend to wear a FACE MASK.
  • Exercising social distancing and avoiding contact is a crucial protection measure. No handshaking, No sitting closer than 6 ft and no sharing of prayer mats.

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