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Dr. Imam Ehteshamul Haque

Dr. Imam Ehteshamul Haque has had the pleasure of serving as an Imam and Islamic teacher at various Masajids in West Virginia, Texas, and South Carolina.

Imam Haque graduated with an extensive education in Sharia’h, with grounding and competency in traditional Islamic knowledge that included Qur’anic studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Theology/Aqidah Surah and Islamic History. After eight years of training, he was awarded the ‘Alim-Fadil Certification (ijaza) from Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, a highly-noted traditional Sunni religious institution in North India. Subsequently, he completed another one-year Ifta program.

Additionally, Dr. Haque has earned Masters in Urdu and Arabic languages followed by a Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature from Aligarh Muslim University (India).

Imam Ehteshamul Haque is passionate about transmitting traditional Islamic knowledge to Muslim children and youth; and, especially, to newly reverted Muslims.

Dr. Haque actively engaged in interfaith dialogue and programs when serving as an Imam in Charleston, West Virginia.

He is happily married with two children, a 12-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter.


Imam Ehteshamul Haque can be reached by email at:

or by phone at  (346) 276-6009

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