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Our Imam Shk Mowlid Ali


Mowlid Khalif Ali was born in Somalia, He is the Imam of Jamaat-Ibad-Ar-Rahhman, Durham, NC and founder of Al-Misbah Qur’an Academy.
Imam Mowlid memorized the whole Qur’an and a large portion of Bukhari and Muslim.He pursued various Islamic disciplines under several scholars in Kenya as well as in MN.

He studied the fiqi of Imam Ash-Shafi’I under Sheikh Abdul Qadir Baajuri, the Mufti of Shaafi School in Kenya. In the US, he studied contemporary fiqi issues under Dr. Salah As-Sawy; usul  fiqi (foundations of fiqi) under Dr. Hatem Al-Haj; Aqiida and rhetoric under Dr. Walid Al- Maneesy, and Tafsiir& Tarbiyah under Dr. Farouq.

He is the first student to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Sharia law in Al-Mishkah University. Class of 2010. M.S. Degree in Major Islamic Law, Sharia, Mishkah University 2013. Currently enrolled PHD in Islamic law. Imam Mowlid is a dedicated teacher and admired educator for both children and adults alike.

Under his tutorship, Imam Mowlid has taught several students who have become huffaz of the Holy Qur’an. He has also been invited to participate on several expert panels to discuss Al-Islam. Imam Mowlid also teaches classical books to youth. He has taught different classical books in sciences of Qur’an, Hadeeth, and Fiqi. He is currently teaching “Kubra-Al-Yaqini’atul Kawniyah” to His community. 

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