NCDHHS will continue to have strong public health recommendations for individuals to continue to protect one another until more people are vaccinated. People who are not vaccinated should wear a mask and maintain distance in all indoor public settings and in outdoor settings when they can't maintain six feet of distance

Ramadan Hub

Taraweeh Schedule

  • Isha`a Iqama starts 5 minutes after Athan, followed by a short time for Sunnah then Tarawih starts
  • Fayetteville St. Location: 8 Rakath Taraweeh.
  • Parkwood Location: 8 Rakath, followed by 12 Rakath Taraweeh.
  • Short Khatirah of 5 minutes after 4 Rakath Taraweeh. 


Qiyaumul Layl

  • Parkwood begins at 3:30AM
  • Fayetteville St begins at 4 AM 

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