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Ramadan 1442 / 2021

Alsalamu Alikum Dear Community Members

With the blessing of Allah, we are planning on having Tarawih prayers in both our masjids. The registration will be required for Tarawih ONLY ONCE for the whole month and works for BOTH masjids. However, spots will be available on first-come-first-serve basis. You can always check current capacity for Tarawih on
our website here

A few important notes:

– Registration is required for *every person* and tickets are needed at check-in time
– One registration only is required for the whole month of Ramadan (Isha`a & Tarawih only)
– Please bring your QR code confirmation (On your phone or printed) with you to scan at the entrance.
– If you are sick or have a fever: please stay at home
– Sisters and children: please pray at home
– Brothers of 65 or older: please pray at home
– Make Wudu at home and Bring your own prayer mat
– Wear a face mask
– Keep a distance of 6 ft from each other
– No hugging or handshaking

If you face any issue with registration, please email

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