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Weekly Classes

All of the classes are free and there is no registration required to attend the classes.
The education committee organizes various education programs for the community throughout the year.

Imam Mowlid Ali’s Classes:

Topic Day Time Group Location
Tajweed Class Tuesdays Maghrib – Isha Brothers Fayetteville Facility
Open Halaqa Friday Maghrib – Isha Sisters Fayetteville Facility
Youth Halaqah Friday After Isha Sisters (High & MiddleSchoolers) Parkwood Facility
Youth Halaqah Saturday After Isha Brothers (High & MiddleSchoolers) Parkwood Facility
The Explanation of the Qur’an Sunday 6 PM – 7 PM Everyone Fayetteville Facility


Bi-Weekly Cemetery Trip: The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) referred to death as ‘the destroyer of desires.” In an attempt to act upon the hadith, every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, a group of brothers visit the JIAR Cemetery. Please see or email Br. Iqbal [] for more information.

Past Classes:
Morality in the Quran” concentrates on the good manners that Allah mentioned in his Book. The main objective is to apply good manners in our daily life.
Tafseer-ul-Quran” course focuses on the explanation of the book Allah by providing a clear picture for each surah and to shed light on the historical background on the surah. Upon finishing this courses students will be able to understand the meaning of the Quran.
Tajweed Classes” are designed for students who want to beautify their recitation of the Quran using the rules of Tajweed. Upon mastering this course you will be able to recite Quran fluently.

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