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Thank you to our community

Assalamu Alaikum. As we are now close to the end of 2020, I wanted to take a minute to say JazakumaAllahu Khairan to you and your family for being with us in this unprecedented year. I pray to Allah SWT for your health and well-being in the days to come. Your consistent support to JIAR Masjids and its community programs has always been inspirational to me and JIAR staff and volunteers. I am happy to be with you in this blessed  community, Alhamdulillah!  

Please note that CARES Act tax benefits allow you to deduct your entire AGI & Pay No Taxes in 2020, if you donate to charitable organizations. You may take this opportunity by making a year-end donation to your Masjids.

May Allah accept from those who already donated and shower blessings on them and their family!    
JIAR Chairman



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