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JIAR April Elections Timeline

Elections Timeline (2021)

  • Saturday, January 16th Membership drive ends
  • Friday, January 29th List of eligible candidates and voters posted
  • Friday, January 29th Nominations Open
  • Friday, February 26th Nominations End
  • Friday, February 26th – Friday March 12th Nominees validation
  • Friday, March 12th (delayed) Sunday March 14th List of Candidates Posted
  • Friday, April 9th Meet the Candidate Night, Fayetteville Street
  • Saturday, April 10th Meet the Candidate Night, Parkwood
  • Saturday, April 10th 2:00-4:00 PM Meet the Candidate Night | Virtual Zoom event
  • Friday, April 16th Start of the voting period (6:00 AM)
  • Sunday, April 18th End of the voting period (6:00 PM)
  • By Maghreb, Tuesday, April 20th Successful Candidates Announced

The open positions are to fill the places of the following outgoing members

  1. Abdul Gafoor Khan
  2. Ibrahim Ihbais
  3. Jasim Chowdhury
  4. Mukhtar Adem
  5. Rizwan Malik

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