Qiyaumul Layl: Parkwood begins at 3:30AM | Fayetteville St begins at 4 AM 
Jummah Registeration: All congregants are required to register for Jumu’ah prayers; the registration opens on Thursday noon
Please arrive on time for Jumua`h and bring your registration confirmation

Fundraiser Update

Alssalamu Alikum dear community members. Alhamdulillah with Allah’s blessings and your generosity we have raised about $90k so far. However, your two masjids have a lot of expenses and bills that need to be paid. Our target is $350k for the year, and we are only around 25% of this target. We call on your generosity again and we ask Allah to bless you and bless your wealth with Barakah and keep you healthy insha`a Allah, please consider more donation to help us reach our goal and keep the two masjids operational at their full capacity


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