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Eid Al Fitr Announcement 1445

Alsalamu Alikum dear community members! 

As we expect Eidul-Fitr to be on Wednesday April 10, we would like to announce Eid prayer schedule for both masjids.

– First shift: 7:30 AM Parkwood (takbeer will start at 7:00 AM) – Dr Ihab Saad

– Second shift: 8:30 AM Fayetteville St. (takbeer will start at 8:00 AM) – Imam Hicham Jabal

– Third shift: 9:30 AM Parkwood (takbeer will start at 9:00 AM) – ⁠Imam Abdenasser Zouhri

Please join our Eid festival on April 10 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Angel Island Fun Park in Durham (registration required)


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