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Private Page for elections committee preview

As-salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Dear community members, the JIAR Elections Committee is glad to announce the final list of eligible candidates (who have already accepted their nominations) for JIAR Board of Directors Elections this upcoming April insha`a Allah.

As previously communicated in the nomination announcement, there are five seats on the board of directors open for elections, which start on the Fajr of April 16th and ends on April 18th Asr time.

JIAR Full-Members can vote using either paper at one of the masjids or online using a unique registration link emailed individually. To be able to vote online and get your unique voting link, please make sure you have a Mohid account with a valid email address. If you need assistance with that, please reach out to

There will be two sessions to meet the candidates on April 9th & 10th at Fayetteville St. & Parkwood masjids, respectively. You can view the whole elections timeline here.

The list of candidates alphabetically ordered:

  1. Abdul Gafoor Khan
  2. Ahmad Abed
  3. Ibrahim Ihbais
  4. Jasim Chowdhury
  5. Manzar Alam
  6. Mohammad Usman Akhtar
  7. Rizwan Malik
  8. Saad Hady
  9. Wadie Raki
  10. Zameer Shaik

Please plan on voting and participating in the meet-the-candidate sessions to help JIAR leaders serve our community better.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,
JIAR Elections Committee

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